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Our Story

Robichau’s Jewelry is a family-owned and operated jewelry store that has  been serving The Woodlands and surrounding areas for over 30 years. This 2nd generation jewelry store has been established on the foundation of great customer service, honesty, and loyalty. We are proud to have been voted the #1 jewelry store in The Woodlands for the past 8 years.


In 1986, after months of unsuccessfully trying to secure a loan from the bank, Jack and Lynda turned to their family for support. At the family meeting, Jack spoke of the plans that he had to open a jewelry store in The Woodlands and then literally passed a hat around to his mom and 12 siblings with the promise that whatever they could lend him, he would pay back with interest in a year. With the financial assistance and support from their family, Jack and Lynda were able to fulfill their dream of opening a jewelry store. On April 1, 1986, Robichau’s Jewelry opened it’s doors to the public with a mere 12 pieces of jewelry and cases full of wax jewelry molds. True to his word, Jack was able to pay his family back with interests within a year!


From day one, our mission has been to treat customers with the utmost respect while offering high quality jewelry at a fair price. Jack’s motto was and still is, ‘a good deal is when both parties walk away feeling happy about the deal’. By treating customers in this fashion, Robichau’s Jewelry has grown from our small location on Sawdust Road into one of the most respected and trusted jewelry stores in The Woodlands.


In 2014, Jack and Lynda passed the reigns down to their sons, John, Matt, and Jason. This 2nd generation of Robichaus look to add to the hopes and dreams that started back in 1986 while carrying on the family tradition of exceptional customer service!  

Meet  the Team

John Robichau


Matt Robichau


Shannon Robichau



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Gail Howard



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Tiffany Currier



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Leeann Sauceda




Mo J.

Stopped by the shop today as I needed extra links removed from my watch. I was assisted by Shannon who carefully removed the links for me. I offered to pay but she did it for me at no charge - love that we have a neighborhood jewelry store that goes the extra mile for their customers. I will be sure to recommend to all my friends! Thank you!

Melissa M.

I lost a pearl earring, and had a very hard time finding a replacement. I went to countless jewelry stores with no luck. Robichau's Jewelry matched my earring perfectly and mailed it directly to my house. I can't say enough good things about Matt. RUN! Don't walk here!

Janet W.

I've been a customer of Robichau's Jewelry since 1986 when I moved to The Woodlands. My whole family has shopped at the Robichau's family jewelry store for the past 30 years. Why, we're practically kin! It's the only jewelry store we shop at.

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