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Today Ball Watch Company is one of the most respected and established brands in the United States. For more than a century, Ball Watches have been recognized as meeting the highest standards of precision, reliability, and quality. Ball Watch Company is the birthplace of the modern watch. It was Webb C. Ball who created the manufacturing process, which produced accurate, high quality, and adjustable timepieces

Citizen is dedicated to making watches of the most exceptional materials, and as such offers fine leather, 18K gold, stainless steel and titanium band options. Additionally, accents of diamonds and Swarovski Crystal beautifully demonstrate that Citizen continues to make watches of the highest quality for a lifetime of performance, functionality and elegance.

Ferdinand Graff von Zeppelin was an aviation pioneer who designed the Zeppelin airship the original Zeppelins were a symbol of wealth, luxury, elegance and technological achievements during the early 1900s. Inspired on Zeppelin airships, Zeppelin watches combine history and contemporary technique to create a classic timepice. Manufactured in Germany by POINTtec GmbH who also manufactures the aviation inspired Junkers Watches, they are the primary distributor for the National Military Service.

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Junkers is well known in Europe and the U.S. for their high performance watches that are extremely affordable with amazing quality and ruggedness. They are very reliable too. It is very rare to have any problem with a Junkers watch. Every model in the Junkers line has some connection to the aircraft designed by Hugo Junkers in the early age of aviation. Hence the naming of the various model series such as Cockpit JU 52, IronAnnie JU 52, Flight World Records G3, etc. One example would be the Corrugated Sheet JU 52 models. They all have corrugated dials reminiscent of the corrugated metal sheet used on the JU 52 airplane (shown at left). It is a very unique dial that is pretty much exclusive to Junkers.

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